When do Pedestrian Accidents Happen? By Adam Kutner

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Many lives are lost daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in pedestrian accidents.  Pedestrian accidents happen so unexpectedly and quickly.  A pedestrian could just be walking leisurely along and then get hit by someone in an instant.  Even on marked crosswalks especially made for pedestrians, pedestrians still have that chance that they could be seriously hurt or killed.  That’s why it’s so important that pedestrians look both ways before walking across an intersection or a street.  It’s also wise for pedestrians to always follow good rules to protect themselves from harm, or even death.  If you are seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, Adam Kutner, Attorney at Law, is there to help you and has over fifteen years of experience as a Las Vegas lawyer.  Adam Kutner can give you the answers you need to solve your questions relating to pedestrian accidents. 


When do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Drivers need to respect pedestrians, and pedestrians need to be careful as they go out for a walk.   If pedestrians are not cautious enough, they could get seriously or even killed in some instances.  These are instances where the chances of a pedestrian accident are very high.  Adam Kutner is a Las Vegas Lawyer that you can trust to give you all the help you need when it comes to pedestrian accidents and injuries.     

1.  When a pedestrian ignores traffic controls.  Some traffic controls may not be set right or may be off, but usually traffic controls should not be ignored.  Don’t walk when the traffic signal says, “don’t walk”, although this may seem like a simple minded reminder, countless accidents happen just this way.  If a traffic light on the roadway turns yellow, you should not start crossing at that point.  You should wait to cross until it is safe from all ways.  Adam Kutner is a well-known injury lawyer in the Las Vegas area that you can count on. 

2.  Many pedestrian accidents occur when jaywalking is done.  It is always best to cross the street in a crosswalk or at the intersection.  It is very unsafe to walk in unexpected places or locations.

3.  A lot of pedestrian accidents happen because a child darts out from nowhere.  Another driver may not see this child, and suddenly hit him or her.  Drivers should always take care to slow down when children are seen near schools, parks or other areas.  With Adam Kutner, you know that you will get a lot of professional help when it comes to pedestrian accidents or injuries.    

4.  Many pedestrian accidents also happen when the parent pursues after their child.  Not only is the child seriously injured or killed, but also the parent could be hit or killed also because of running out after their child.

5.  Many of these accidents happen when pedestrians walk on a limited access highway.  Walking on tight highways is dangerous to the pedestrian.  Traffic on highways move at very high speed, and drivers may not think of coming across pedestrians in these types of circumstances.  If a roadway has a sign that says “No Pedestrians,” follow this sign and do not walk along this roadway.  Do not attempt anything otherwise.  When you need a Las Vegas injury lawyer, go with Adam Kutner because he offers superior, knowledgeable assistance and customer service.

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